Thursday, December 29, 2011

Welcome my self and any viewers

Well hi my user name is Pandas Rock and I made this blog so that I will make stuff more and show it off more. I do more sewing, embroidery, doodling, and a little painting. I can do the knit stitch and have a scarf in the works. I like trying different things and if I bake or make some food that I am very proud of you will see it on here. Also I am in my teens.

I have a few things that I have made in the past few weeks. First I have two quilted little things that ended up being about 10 by 12 inches I think. The embroidery on them I did not do my great aunt gave them to me to sew up for her to give as Christmas presents. Second I have a "dog bed" that I made after the quilted things to just say I do not need to be perfect. I don't have a little dog but I have stuffed animals that could use a home. Also the fabric is a dog stuff print, with food bowls and dog show ribbons.

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