Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Been very busy

Sorry I have not posted but I might get a quilt top made this weekend. I just thought I would share a little bit of a story that I am writing. Its not great and I have little kids in mind for who will be reading it.

One day a Gnome, with a cart full of crops and a backpack, was traviling through Fairy Forest when a Monkey humming to himself came from behind and started talking to him.

"Hi my name is Marcel, whats yours?" said the monkey taking out his headphones and turning off his MP3 player.

"Hi my name is Foxfur, where are you going Marcel? asked Foxfur moving his backpack to a more comfertible postion..

"I am heading to Mushroom City for the summer big festivle" replied Marcel.

"Really thats where I am going! Why don't we walk together?" said Foxfur excitedly.

"Are you going to join the compition to try and win the hand of the Beautiful Elf Princess?" asked Marcel thoughtfully.

"I am go to try and sell some of my friend's handwork along with some crops I am taking." replied Foxfur. "I might try just for fun but who knows?" he said laughing slightly.

"I was going to try it for fun too! Maybe we should hang out I am going to preform some songs to try and make some money. If you want I can repeat some poems of old." Marcel said excitedly.

"Well why don't you and I stick together and hopefully have a good time." said Foxfur cheerfully.

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